Strong Portfolio Process®

A Proactive Approach to Investing

John saw his work in developing this exclusive offer as an amazing opportunity to redesign how investments operate in client portfolios.

Having a strategy that adapts to market conditions as opposed to enduring the fluctuations that come with investing allows for greater peace of mind and the ability to Live a Life Well Invested. To John, this was key.

Since its development in 2009, Strong Portfolio Process has been utilizing an active approach to investing. This means that your portfolio positions are continuously reviewed – not just on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. To John and his team, this is a simple way to protect investments from the rollercoaster of ups and downs that traditional buy and hold investments simply endure. For you, this means the potential for less risk and greater return.

Services We Provide

Discover the Basic Principles That We Follow

Strong Predictive Planning

Careful evaluation of current and future plans lets you know where you’re at so you can confidently move forward.

Strong Portfolio Process®

Proactive management of your investment portfolio leaves you well protected and helps you build your wealth.

Strong Personal Protection

Thoughtful insurance of your personal and corporate assets gives you peace of mind and additional well being.

The Core Principles of Strong Portfolio Process:

  • Knowing traditional buy and hold strategies simply do not work with current market volatility, John devised a dynamic strategy to help you avoid the market’s worst performing days, quite simply by monitoring portfolios more often, and in a much more rigorous manner.
  • Through statistical analysis and an enhanced investment selection process, repeatable patterns can be identified to point to investments that possess a high likelihood of future success. This shows John what to buy, what to sell, and most importantly, what to avoid.

John’s 30+ years as a Financial Advisor gave him the understanding that traditional investing needed to change. With Strong Portfolio Process, the simple act of being proactive in the management of your portfolio can leave you better protected and more prosperous.